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March 02 2012, 03:31 PM

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Name: James “Cadaver” Crouch

Position: Seeker (Ref now, so I can make money)

Years in Quidditch: I guess one.

Number: 69

Major: How to be a pimp.

Activities outside of Quidditch: Star Wars, video games, and I don’t do any school work.

Q: Would you rather play Quidditch on brooms or longboards?

Longboards, all the way.

Q: What is your ideal Quidditch pitch?

A beach, where the Quidditch field has one goal in the dry sand, one goal in the wet sand, and one goal in the water.

Q: How many balloons would fit in this room (LSU Tiger Lair)?

Over 9,000. No, I change my answer…6 out of 7 sandwiches.

Q: How do you feel about Mario and Luigi’s Quidditch playing skills?

So, if I had to make a team out of the Mario and Luigi people. My keeper would be Waluigi because he has really long arms and legs and he’s a boss.  My beaters would be Wario and Bowser.  My seeker would be Yoshi.  My chasers would be Luigi and Peach and Daisy. Mario would be the ref because he gets paid.  In conclusion, they would be epic and pwn LSU.